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A Cashier’s job is to maintain the register, direct customers, and transfer calls. The Cashier is a key element of our team. Usually the first contact to our customers, they are responsible for greeting and directing individuals to an available Clerk. The Cashier is responsible for answering a majority of all incoming phone calls. They answer questions, take messages, and transfer calls as needed.

The Clerk’s position is a dynamic trade. Like a cashier, they are sometimes required to operate the register. Additionally, they are required to answer calls when available. A Clerk is usually the second in line when assisting a customer. They are there to answer questions about product, provide insight, and maintain departments.

The Stock position requires an individual to occasionally lift heavy loads, clean, and more. It is their job to load product such as lumber, concrete, and mulch. It is mandatory for an individual in this department to be capable of lifting a minimum weight of 80 pounds. This position also entails cleaning and maintaining property grounds. Stock Personnel 18 years of age and older may be required to operate heavy machinery. This includes vehicles such as fork lifts, front loaders, and more.

The Driver’s role is to deliver product in a responsible and timely manner. A Farm and Home Driver is responsible for delivering machinery, and other product such as mulch, stone, and soil. A clean driver’s license is required for this position.

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